We’re on a mission to help millions of people protect their rights, by building platforms that make it easy to manage legal issues and pursue justice. 

Here’s how we’re doing it

Removing barriers 

Harnessing the power of data for our clients 

Connecting everyone in the same place, before we reach the courtroom 

Automating the hassle,
keeping law to the

Our easy-to-use platform and innovative pricing system opens the door to the legal system, providing legal coverage to individuals and business who haven’t been able to access it until now. 

Instead of guessing and estimating, we build models that predict outcomes, recommending the best strategy, drafting better documents, and doing it all really, really fast.  

Our platform is the place where everything happens. We bring everyone together so communication becomes easy and efficient. 

Our technology handles the bureaucracy and the hassle surrounding the legal process, so everyone can focus on the real legal challenges at hand. 

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That’s how
we do it